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2008-08-24Timestamp YYYY-MM-DDTHHMMSS in einer Windows Shell

Um einem einem Windows CMD-File einen korrekt formatierten Timestamp zu bekommen, gilt es ein kleines Problem zu überwinden.
Die Uhrzeit der Environment-Variablem "%TIME%" ist leider bei Uhrzeiten von 10:00 mit einem führenden Space ausgegeben, nicht (wie bei %DATE%) mit einer führenden Null. Somit muss in einem CMD-File dies extra geprüft werden.

Hier findest du einen entsprechenden Beispielcode Winshell_Timestamp_de.htm.

2008-08-24Timestamp YYYY-MM-DDTHHMMSS in a Windows Shell

To get a correctly formatted timestamp within a Window batchfile (CMD, BAT), you do have to overcome a little problem.+ The environment variable %TIME% does show hours before 10am with a leading space (allthoug %DATE% does show days < 10 with a leading zero.
To get a valid timestamp (e.g. for naming logfiles) a batchfile has to check for this special case.

An example code can be found here: Winshell_Timestamp_en.htm.

2007-03-17CvsNT and Putty

If you get the message while trying to connect to the CVS-server

Access denied
FATAL ERROR: Unable to authenticate
Couldn't connect to remote server - plink errorcvs [login aborted]: Connection to server failed
and have Pageant (Putty authentication agent) running, you probably have named a Putty configuration just like the hostname.


Rename the Putty configuration to something else. More infos can be found in the CVSNT FAQ.

2007-03-17yum says: yum cannot find a valid baseurl

I don't know where it really comes from (maybe due to some update of Fedora. Just uncomment the lines "baseurl=..." in the files at /etc/yum.repos/.

2007-03-11Sending SMTP-messages with .asp and cdo

Sometimes it's necessary to send an e-mail from within a server script.
Then it's nice to have something at hand. Here is a simple example. Pack this one inside a server-side .asp:

<%@ Language=VBScript %>
option explicit

dim myMail, sSender, sSubject, sMessage, sdid_pass
Set myMail=CreateObject("CDO.Message")
myMail.TextBody="This ist the message-body" + chr(10) + "and a second line"

myMail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("")=2
myMail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = "your.mail.server"
myMail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = 25 

set myMail=nothing

2007-03-11error '8004020e' when sending a smtp-message with cdo

It might happen, that you receive something like the following message:

> -------error message -----------
> error '8004020e'
> /Email_Content/Scripts/cdosysmail_processor.asp, line 90
> ----------end of error message--------------

When I received this message, the reason was the e-mail address in the line

You have to use one, which is allowed to send e-mails through your server. This is an mechanism to avoid relaying messages from unknown senders.

(c) Wolfgang Wagner, Vienna, 2008