My unusual way to create a local NAGIOS-WSC development environment for VS2005

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2007-08-24Why I do it that way?

I did enherit the development environment for this project from somebody I don't have contact anymore.
I'm not very familiar with correct setup of VS2005 development environment. So I had to find a way how I can create VS2005 environment from the already existing project.

The way I use (and furthermore will describe) might not be a correct one. But it does work for me.

What where (are) my prerequstits?

I do have a VM containing

How do I do it?

Create a directory c:\inetpub\wsc-local (will be the start of "Physical Path", see later)
Copy the files from the zip to this directory

Download the VS2005 solution file nagios-wsc-bugfix.sln.

Create a directory for the VS2005 solution (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\youruser\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\nagios-wsc-local)
Copy the sln File e.g. to this directory
Rename it to nagios-wsc-local.sln
Edit the sln with a normal text editor
Replace all ocurrences of nagios-wsc-bugfix with nagios-wsc-local (and eventually adopt the entry "Physical Path")
Save the file

Start VS2005
Under "Recent projects" click "Open project"
Select your newly created sln File
Press <F5>
Now should should be able to navigate to "Service1.asmx"
Select it

If everything worked fine, the web-service should start and the possible checks should be shown.

(c) Wolfgang Wagner, Vienna, 2007